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While working on my re-branding project, I've kept a few of my best qualities in mind. As my clients, family, and friends, I would like you to know... Every detail of my business, the services I offer and plan to offer to you, come from the very desires and passion burning deep in my heart. My promise is, and always will be, to give you the best quality skincare and beauty services while you are loyal to my table. It is a pleasure serving my community and in the beauty industry with my passion as my work.

Inspiring beauty has been the foundation of my dream, and it truly "awakens the soul to act" as stated by Dante Alighieri. So as I pursue more knowledge and experience in this industry, I will in return make it a lifelong goal to offer only the best waxing, sugaring, and esthetic service experiences! In hopes that I can share the awakening of my soul, by giving the time to, and tailoring every session to every individual’s unique beauty. The support from our community has given me the chance to own my small business. I am so grateful being able to do what I love, and the inspiring truth that by pursuing the depths of beauty, we can live happier, and more fulfilled lives.



BERODIN ADVANCED WAXING TECHNIQUES Certified by Lori Nester, President of Berodin

PROFESSIONAL BODY SUGARING PRACTITIONER Certificate of Achievement Jessica Roberts


LED LIGHT THERAPY AND MICRONEEDLING Certified by “The Esthetics Association Florida”

DERMA PLANING EXFOLIATION Certified by “The Esthetics Association Florida”

MICROBLADING TRAINING Certified by Tony’s Beauty Brows Atlanta, GA

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